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I. Requirements

Alicq requires Tcl/Tk 8.3 or higher and BWidget 1.3 or higher.

If you need HTTP proxy with authorization support, you have to install tcllib package (HTTP proxy without authorization can work without tcllib).

If you need sound support, you need to have Snack library installed.

If Tcl/Tk is not installed on your system, and pre-built package is not available for your operation system or distributive, you can download source of binary package of Tcl/Tk from SourceForge or ActiveState.

ActiveState "batteries included" Tcl distribution contains BWidget, tcllib and Snack libraries.

II. Platform specific notes

II.1. Unix

Most popular Unix systems has pre-built versions of Tcl/Tk in their distributions.

Currently Alicq runs only in X envirionment (though this is not always necessary).

If you are using Linux, you can try to find Alicq packaged for your distribution (Debian and ALT Linux in particular).

To try experimental OpenPGP encryption support, install GnuPG.

To install Alicq from tar.gz or tar.bz2 files, you should simply unpack archive file, cd to alicq directory and run ./alicq You can move alicq files according to Unix hierarchy as well:
	   alicq -> ${prefix}/bin/alicq
	   icq,lib -> ${tclpath}
	   data -> ${prefix}/share/alicq
	   doc -> ${prefix}/share/doc/alicq or whenever you want
where ${prefix} is usually /usr or /usr/local, but can be any, ${tclpath} is any path where Tcl looks for packages (usually it is /usr/lib, but can also be /usr/share/tcl).

On startup alicq will look for startup files ~/.alicq/alicqrc or ~/.alicqrc (not recommended, kept for compatibility), unless startup file given explicitly via -config command-line option.

II.2. Windows

Alicq whould work on any Windows of 9x or NT/2000/XP families.

To install Alicq, just extract files from tar.gz, tar.bz2 or zip archive with WinZip to preferred folder, and open alicq from it using wish.

On startup alicq will look for startup file alicq.cfg in %USERPROFILE%\alicq folder and alicq working directory.

If systems which does not support locales, or have wrong locale setting, do not use encodings module, but provide desired encoding explicitly in startup file, e.g:
   	icq encoding cp1251

II.3. Platform specific notes: MacOS-X

Installation is same as for Unix.

MacOS-X bundles is not awailable for now, thus Alicq can be stared from terminal or from Wish sell.

II.4. Platform specific notes: MacOS classic

No one tried yet.

II.5. Platform specific notes: OS/2

Problems with network reported when running with OS/2 port of Tcl/Tk.